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Ashlin Computers Wodonga has been established since 1985. In this time we have seen the Computer emerge from obscurity, to now being in most households in Australia, with most households having 2 or 3 units capable of Internet access. Ashlin’s have seen all this happen starting with the first IBM Compatible mainstream PC the “Amstrad”, to the now super powerful i5 & i7 Quad Core Processors – “WHAT A RIDE.”

Our goal at Ashlin Computers is simple. Deliver outstanding, long-lasting and ongoing customer service, provide good quality new and Ex- Government components and Computer systems, all sold to you with the curtesy you come to expect from someone who has been servicing their community for as long as we have.

We have seen other competitors come and go, change their names and move from location to location but none have stood the test of time as we have. Here, we believe in the honour code “Is it quality, am I getting good value for money and does it benefit me and what I do”. We will advise you on the best options to suit your needs and will speak to you in terms you understand.

Picture of Kade OKeefe
IT Service Manager - Wodonga

Kade OKeefe

Ashlin Computers Wodonga. Info coming soon.

Picture of Gary Ashlin
Computer Service Manager - Townsville

Gary Ashlin

I have been involved and interested in computers since I was about 12, when my father Gordon first opened Ashlin Computers in 1985. Earliest memory was after school I would go to the Computer shop and help bend, cut and drill plates to hold 5MB hard drives to be installed into the Amstrad 1512’s, before packaging them up and sending them to other dealers across Australia and New Zealand, so they could be sold in the first IBM Compatibles with hard drives to the public. As early as then we were having an impact on the industry, although looking back on the size of it now it is almost laughable. “5MB HARD DRIVES???” I am capable of handling and repairing your Computer whatever it might be. I have been servicing, upgrading and fault finding IBM Compatibles for over 20 years and have a vast knowledge of operating systems, efficient hardware diagnosis skills plus excellent and speedy virus and spyware removing abilities, plus I will always explain to you exactly what the problem was and how it was fixed! In addition, I am an accredited field service agent for Glory Global with over 7 years experience with roll storage cash safes and coin machines used in Banks, with over 13 branches in Victoria which I regularly service and maintain. “YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED – I GUARANTEE IT!”

Picture of Gordon Ashlin
Owner Manager

Gordon Ashlin

Ashlin Computers

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Owner + Accounts Manager

Vivien Ashlin

Ashlin Computers