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Are you looking for on-site maintenance and PC repairs? We carry out a large number of repairs every day and help your business get back online.

Cracked Laptop Screen

Is your Laptop looking worse for wear and have cracks or lines in the display? If it does, there are options available to you with repair and replacement! Call us today.

Windows 10 Problems

Has your Computer upgraded itself to Windows 10? or do you have issues navigating your new version? If you do give us a call and we will sort everything out for you!

About Us

Ashlin Computers Wodonga was established in 1985 and has been serving the Albury / Wodonga and North East Victoria region and beyond ever since. In this time we have seen the Computer emerge from obscurity, to now being in most households in Australia, with most households having 2 or 3 units capable of Internet access. Our goal at Ashlin Computers is simple. Deliver outstanding, long-lasting and ongoing customer service, provide good quality new and Ex-Government components and Computer systems, all sold to you with the courtesy you come to expect from someone who has been servicing their community for as long as we have.

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Noisy fan, Ticking noise on Pc/Laptop running HOT? You may have a heat problem caused by a faulty CPU fan which may require re-grease or replacement, or you could have a faulty hard drive! Any of these issues just give out expert staff a call for a Quote!
Lost your data? Cant find your Pictures, Documents, Songs, Favorites or Emails? You may have a Virus or Spyware infection preventing you from seeing your data, or you may have Windows registry problems! Either way drop us a line and we can discuss YOUR Computer problems!
Nothing on your screen? lines appearing or odd colours? You may have a Video Card problem or a heat issue, a cable issue or possibly your laptop or PC screen may be on it's way out! Call us for a quote!
Slow to startup and shutdown your PC or Laptop? Can't access that webiste and slow on the internet? The most common cause to speed problems on Computers is Spyware & Virus infections, cookies, Browser addons and Windows Registry Problems! It can also be your hardware itself just showing it's age. Call and speak to our professional staff for a quote today!
Laptop or PC turns on and makes all the right sounds but no display? Switched Computer on and no power at all? This could be a number of things including a Power Supply issue, main board or ram fault, Screen issue itself or a battery problem? Drop us a line and we will quote you to fix it!
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